I cut my images from black paper with an X-Acto knife. Everything is connected. It is all one piece of paper, yet now it holds a story.

I am an artist and writer

I live in Olympia, Washington where I swim in the Salish Sea and pick berries all summer.

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Someday I want to get mail delivered to this mailbox.
They look like knitted gnome hats.
I love when magazine work can become a Thank You to my ornithology professor. Here he is leading 3 generations of Noticers on the eve of his 80th bday. The picture will be in the May/June issue of Orion.
The trudge to see birds. High tide at Bowerman Basin is at 4:30 today , FYI.
The Toshiro Mifune Katana will be at Artswalk. Look for the itinerant sword seller/maker.
Earth Day! Get dirty.