Planned Parenthood Umbrella

This umbrella was made by the Northwest’s regional Planned Parenthood in celebration of the 100 year anniversary. It’s a high-quality, quick-release, spring-loaded nylon umbrella. 33″ long with a 5″ comfortable handle. Diameter When Open: 42″

Proceeds from the sale go directly to Planned Parenthood.


A Planned Parenthood Educator was leaving a meeting at a local health center and when she stepped outside, she was greeted by a large group of vocal and angry anti-Planned Parenthood protesters.

A kind volunteer escort accompanied her to her car, opening their umbrella and creating a private, comfortable space, with the umbrella acting as a shield. As she drove home the idea popped into her head: “Why not create a beautiful and commemorative Planned Parenthood umbrella?”

She approached Nikki McClure and the product was born that day.

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